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Canada British Columbia Corporation

Our incorporation services give you a Canadian corporation incorporated the British Columbia, which is completely ready for opening a corporate bank account and starting business.

This package includes all required documents and services::

  • Name Search

  • Government filing fee

  • Registered office address in British Columbia for the first year

  • Certified Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Incorporation

  • Directors and Shareholders Organizational Resolutions

  • Minute Book with Registers & Ledgers

  • 10 Shares Certificates

  • By-Laws

  • Corporate seal

  • Courier delivery.

The package is recommended, when you are planning to start your business in Canada or buy property in Canada. It may also help to facilitate immigration to Canada.






Registration of British Columbia Corporation in Ontario

British Columbia corporation may open bank accounts, have offices and other permanent establishments in British Columbia and trade with all parties located inside and outside of Canada.

If you are interested in opening a bank account and/or office in Ontario, your British Columbia corporation must also be registered in Ontario.







Federal Business Number

Business Number must be obtained before opening a bank account in Canada, hiring employees, doing import and export of goods to and from Canada, and filing the corporate income tax return.

If you order this service, our company will prepare and file with the government all required documents and obtain a business number for you.







GST/HST Account

This account is required if your annual gross sales exceeds CA$30,000.










Import/Export Account

This account is required if your are planning to import or/and export goods to/from Canada.









Notarization of Set of Corporate Documents

The cororate documents include Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Incorporation certified by the British Columbia government.

However, if you would like to have an additional set of copies of all corporate documents notarized by a Canadian lawyer, you may order it here.

Canadian notarization is acceptable in US, EU and most other countries.







Authentication of Set of Company Documents

Copies of the Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Incorporation bound together notarized by Canadian Notary Public and authenticated by the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

Some countries do not recognize documents notarized by Canadian Notary. In this case a client needs to order authentication of company documents. Upon authentication the client is able to forward company documents to the embassy of his country located in Canada for legalization. The documents legalized by the embassy is acceptable in client's country.

Our company is able to arrange legalization by the embassy at clients request.

Client is required to pay the embassy's fee for legalization of the documents in addition to our legalization fee.








Virtual Office Services

Basic Canadian Office

  • Ontario street address

  • Mail forwarding - scanned copies via email *

Additional services, such as a dedicated phone line with voice mail is available. To get a quote you should email your request.

* Maximum - 24 letters of regular-size (4 inch x 9.5 inch) per year. If the number or size is exceeded, fees will be determined on case by case basis. Mail forwarding by registered mail or courier available for additional fees.



Proposed Corporate Name

Example: McDonald Engineering Limited.

The proposed name should include a distinctive (McDonald), descriptive (Engineering), and legal (Limited) elements.

Options for the legal element: Limited, Incorporated, Corporation, Limitée, Ltd., Inc., Corp., Ltee.

If you would like to incorporate a numbered corporation (no name), just leave this field blank. In this case your company will be incorporated as 6-Digit Number British Columbia Inc.




Alternative Corporate Name

This field is optional. If you are confident that your proposed corporate name is unique or do not have a second choice name, you may leave this field blank. Otherwise, please enter an alternative name.

We will proceed with the alternative name, if your proposed name is not available or at high risk to be declined by the government.

If your alternative name is not available, we will contact you and request another alternative name. You may submit up to 3 alternative names for pre-screening and evaluation at no extra charge.




Brief Information about Corporate Business

Please enter general information only. For example: "Home Construction and Renovation Services", "Business Consulting Services", etc.

This general information will be forwarded to the appropriate government department for informational purposes only and will not apply any additional restrictions on the corporate business. In fact, your corporation will not have any restrictions on its business activities.

This information will also be used for obtaining NUANS Report for your suggested corporate name.




Number of Directors

A minimum of one director is required. The Articles of Incorporation will allow your corporation to have from 1 to 10 directors. These numbers provide maximum flexibility for most corporations. We do not recommend to change them.

However, if you would like to change these numbers, please specify your requirements here.







Directors and Incorporators

Director must be an individual at least 19 years old, of sound mind (mentally competent), not in a status of bankrupt and not convicted of an offence involving fraud under the criminal code of any jurisdiction. A resident of any country may be appointed as Director. A minimum of one director is required.

Incorporator is person, who initiated the incorporation process. Incorporator has no specific rights or power in the corporation. When you submit your order, you should include a minimum of one person as the incorporator.

If you have more than one director and incorporator, please enter information for each additional director and incorporator here.




Officers must be individuals, who are residents of any country. Positions of president, secretary and treasure are mandatory for each corporation.

One person may be incorporator, shareholder, director, president, secretary and treasure.








Shareholders are owners of the corporation.

Any individual or a legal entity (corporation, partnership, limited liability company, etc.) may become a shareholder of a British Columbia corporation. There are no requirements to the residency of shareholders. Therefore, a resident of any country (an individual or a legal entity) may be a shareholder.

A minimum of one shareholder should be specified in this order form. By default we will issue 100 common shares for the total amount of $100 to each shareholder. As a result, all shareholders will have equal ownership and rights in the corporation.

If you would like to issue different number of shares (from one share to any reasonable number of shares), please specify it here.

Please be advised, that each shareholder must pay to his company the total cost of issued to him shares. Therefore, in most cases our default option is preferable due to each shareholder will be required to pay to his corporation $100 only.

If you have more than one shareholder, please enter information for each additional shareholder here.





Any Additional Information

This field is for any additional information and instructions you may want to send us.

The field does not have volume restrictions. You may enter here as much information as you need.








Source of Information about our Company

This field is optional. We would appreciate if you let us know, where you found information about our company.








Your Contact Information

Please enter your address for delivery of the corporate documents, phone number, where you are available during the regular business hours, fax (optional) and email address.

Please check your emails frequently. We may send you additional requests or information related to your order at any time.








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