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Personal Bank Account in Canada for Non-Residents

If you would like to enjoy by stable and reliable banking system, you should consider opening a personal bank account in Canada. Our company also assists with opening corporate bank accounts in Canada.

If you are losing your trust in Euro, Canadian Dollar is an excellent alternative. It is a stable currency supported by Canadian vast natural resources, developed economy and democratic government. Just open a personal bank account and move your hard earned money to Canada.

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you need to have a personal bank account here to prove to the government that you are able to pay for your family expenses.

If you conduct your business as a self-employed individual and your customer are located in North America, you need to have a bank account in Canada.

Canada Personal Bank Account - $1,500

Open account in Canada in

1 to 3 weeks.

Order Ontario Sole Proprietorship

Personal visit of Canada for opening a bank account is mandatory.

No initial deposit and no minimum balance is required.

Required documents: passport and a second piece of ID (credit card or drivers licence).


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