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Loyal Offshore Bank Account Package - $1,390

Practically all our client, who order offshore companies need fully functional bank accounts for their companies with a reliable bank, which respects and protects privacy of its clients, has reasonable fees and offers a fully functional online banking.

Therefore, our company teamed up with the Loyal bank located in St. Vincent, which offers all required services to our clients.

As a limited time offer, we offer this package, which allows clients get up and running their offshore businesses in one week and save $100 in comparison with the regular cost of the package.

This offer has expired. Please check our current offers.

Loyal Offshore Bank Account Package - $1,390

It includes Belize offshore company,
corporate seal, Bank account and Visa card.
The most efficient way to get your offshore structure up and running.
Order Here >>

documents and services included in the package

1. Belize IBC including:

  • Government filing fee

  • Belize Registered Agent for the current calendat year

  • Belize Registered Office fee for the current calendat year

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • Resolution of Subscriber appointing directors

  • Resolutions of the Directors appointing Officers and issuing shares

  • Register of Directors and Officer

  • Register of Shareholders

  • Five Shares Certificates

  • Corporate Convenient Seal

  • Unlimited FREE business consultations (phone and email)

  • Courier delivery.

2. Set of the corporate documents certified by the Registered Agent for the bank.

3. Bank Introduction Services for opening a corporate bank account with a debit card directly linked to the account.

Order Belize Singapore Special Package

Bank Services

The bank offers accounts in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY and CNY.

Yoy can access your account online using Internet Access Code or a Digipass device provided by the bank.

When a client accesses his account through Internet Access Code, he is able to activate his bank card, check balances and transaction history.

Acess through Digipass allows also to trasfer funds beetween clients accounts and execute outgoing international wire transfers.

The bank does not accept cheques and cash. All incoming payments must be transferred to your acccount by international wire transfers.

Debit CardS

The bank issues debit cards Maestro/Cirrus and MasterCard. The cards may be issued in USD and EUR.

The debit cards have the name of the cardholder and name of his company engraved on it.

All cards are linked to the cardholders' bank accounts. Each debit transaction through the card is authomatically deducted from the bank account.

Maestro/Cirrus card is suitable for cash withdrow worldwide through over 1,000,000 ATMs.

MasterCard card may be used the same way as a regular MasterCard credit card to make purchases in store, over the phone and online. It also allows to withdrow cash through ATMs worldwide.

Required Personal Documents

Each individual connected with your company, i.e. each Shareholder, Officer, Director and Authorized Signatory is required to prepare the following documents:

  • A notarized copy of the passport (photo and signature pages). A notarized copy of Driver's License is also required for US and Canadian citizens. Notarization must include name and contact information of the Notary

  • An original bank reference issued less than 3 months ago

  • An original utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement confirming residential address issued less than 3 months ago.

All documents must be in English or accompanied by a certified English translation.

Bank Fees

Bank Account Fees:

  • Maintenance fee payable monthly:

    • account with Maestro/Cirrus card - USD 11

    • account with Maestro/Cirrus card and Digipass - USD 19

    • account with MasterCard card - USD 30

    • account with MasterCard card and Digipass - USD 35

  • International wire transfer fee

    • Incoming payments:

      • USD 9 for amounts less than USD 5,000;

      • USD 15 for amounts USD 5,000 to USD 70,000

      • USD 25 for amounts exceeding USD 70,000

    • Outgoing payments: 0.3%, min USD 38.50, max USD 400

  • Internet banking monthly fee – FREE

  • Bank's one time fee for opening account and initiation of Internet Banking:

    • account with Maestro/Cirrus card - USD 120

    • account with Maestro/Cirrus card and Digipass - USD 165

    • account with MasterCard card - USD 250

    • account with MasterCard card and Digipass - USD 295.

Debit Card Fees:

  • Issue fee: Free

  • Annual fee: Free

  • ATM cash withdrawal: 1.15% of the withdrown amount + USD 3.85.


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