We incorporate companies in Canada, US and other international jurisdictions.


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A & P Intertrust Corporation offers online incorporation services in Canada, US and other jurisdictions.
Belize Company Pay just $50 in addition to the regular government fee and incorporate in Canada in one business hour. Order online. Registration Canada Limited Partnership for Non-Residents

A & P Intertrust Corporation forms legal entities in Canada, US, Belize, BVI, Nevis and Panama. We also assist our clients with opening bank accounts in Canada, US, Latvia, St. Vincent, Singapore, Cyprus, Belize, Seychelles and UK and merchant accounts in Canada and Belize.

New: Seychelles company just $890. Order here.


Our team offers professional incorporation services in Canada, US, BVI, Belize, Nevis and Panama.

Company in Canada

NUANS Report - $25

Incorporation - $85

For Non-Residents - $1,990

Business Name - $49


Company in USA

Arkansas LLC - $660

Colorado LLC - $660

Delaware LLC - $760

New Hampshire LLC - $660


International Company

Belize IBC - $900 $750

BVI BC - $1,350

Nevis LLC-$1,100

Panama IBC -$1,050

As a long-term accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and a member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business we offer highly professional and reliable service for over 12,000 clients located in more than 50 countries.

Our company is the fastest provider in the industry. We incorporate Canadian companies in one to five business hour, US companies in one business day and international companies usually the next business day.


A & P Intertrust Corporation is Member of the Better Business Bureau.
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