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Ontario Extra-Provincial Corporation (EPC)

When a non-Canadian corporation or LLC needs to set up a branch and/or open a corporate bank account in Canada, we recommend to consider the Province of Ontario. Ontario is the Canadian most powerful and developed province, where over half of the Canadian finance and manufacturing corporations are concentrated.

Our company offers registration of non-resident corporations and LLCs including international companies in Ontario as Extra-Provincial Corporations.

Ontario Extra-Provincial Registration Packages
  Order Basic Package Order Complete Package
Mandatory Services
Filing of Application for Extra-Provincial Licence Included Included
Filing of Appointment of Agent for Service Form Included Included
Ontario Government Fee Included Included
NUANS Name Search Report Included Included
Agent for Service in Ontario for one year Included Included
Monitoring and information support of the registration process Included Included
Ontario Extra-Provincial Licence Included Included
Optional Services
Ontario Corporate Seal Available at extra fee Included
FREE business consultations (phone and email) Included Included
Federal GST/HST registration   Included
Filing of Initial Return with the Ontario government (mandatory in 60 days from starting business in Ontario)  


Via email in PDF format Included Included
Express Courier Delivery Included Included
  Order Basic Package Order Complete Package

Upon Ontario Extra-Provincial Registration a non-Canadian company receives Ontario Extra-Provincial Licence with Ontario Corporation Number and a status of Ontario Extra-Provincial Corporation. The licence gives rights to set up an office, open a bank account and conduct business in the Province of Ontario and from Ontario with all other Canadian provinces and overseas.

To be registered in Ontario, each non-Canadian company must have an Agent for Service in Ontario, who is a resident of Ontario. Our packages include this service for the first year.

It's important to understand that Canadian extra-provincial registration does not create a separate Canadian legal entity. Therefore, a non-Canadian company registered as Extra-Provincial Corporation in Ontario has no tax obligations in Canada, when the company conducts business outside of Canada.

Advantages of Ontario Extra-Provincial Registration

  • International and onshore companies from any jurisdiction may be registered in Ontario and get status of Ontario EPC

  • Status of Ontario EPC enhances image of non-Canadian companies

  • No restrictions on the residency of directors, officers and shareholders of Ontario EPC

  • Ontario EPC is able to open a bank account and office and conduct its business in Ontario

  • No tax obligations in Canada, when Ontario EPC conducts business outside of Canada

  • No filing of the tax return is required, when Ontario EPC conducts business outside of Canada

  • All Ontario business expenses (advertisement, salaries, office lease, etc.) are deductible from the taxable income received in Ontario

  • No annual meeting is required in Ontario.

Corporate Tax

Corporate income tax rate, which includes federal and provincial components, is 26.5%. Ontario EPC is required to pay Canadian income tax on all income received in Canada. When the company conducts its business outside of Canada, it has no Canadian tax obligations as a non-Canadian legal entity.

All business expenses including salaries paid to employees, directors fees paid to directors, contract payments paid to self-employed individuals, partnerships, LLCs and corporations, advertisement expenses, etc. are deductible from corporate taxable income.

Corporate Income Tax Return

Ontario EPC is required to file a corporate tax return in Canada every year, when it conducts business in Canada. The return must be filed in 6 months from the corporate fiscal year end. Income tax is payable in 2 months from the corporate fiscal year end.

When Ontario EPC does not conduct business in Canada, filing of the return is not required.

Our company offers accounting services. As a result, our clients are able to comply with Canadian requirements, file their corporate income tax in time and keep their companies in good standing.

Company Name

Name of non-Canadian company must be available in Ontario. Otherwise, the company cannot be registered in Ontario and receive the status of Ontario EPC.

Restricted words are ones that may be considered to be misleading, and include, for example, "bank", "trust", "insurance", "trust", "stock exchange", etc.

Time Required for Registration

Ontario Extra-Provincial registration usually takes 2 to 3 weeks for corporations and 1 to 3 days for limited liability companies.

Annual Renewal Fee

Each Ontario EPC must have Agent for Service in Ontario. This service is included in teh annual fee payable from the second year.

Virtual Office Services

Our company scans letters received for your company and forward copies via email. We shred the originals unless you order to forward them to you via courier or registered mail for additional fees. If you expect more than 30 letters annually, please contact our company to receive a quotation.

If you need a dedicated Canadian phone line with voice mail greeting of your company, we are able to provide it to you. To get a quotation, please contact our company.

Virtual office services are available for our clients, who use our company as Agent for Service in Ontario.


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