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Small Business Registration in Ontario.

Sole Proprietorship and Partnership are two simplest forms of registration of a new business in Ontario. Upon registration a client receives the Master Business Licence issued by the Ontario government. The Licence is an one page document, which lists:

  • Business and names

  • Mailing and business addresses

  • Brief description of business activity

  • Registration number

  • Effective date of registration and expiry date.

If you already have a corporation and need to register an additional name for your corporation, you have to apply for the Master Business Licence confirming registration of that additional name.

The Master Business Licence is valid for 5 years and needs to be renewed thereafter.

Order online and get your Master Business Licence in just 3 business hours. Renewal of existing licences takes one to two weeks.

Sole Proprietorship




Business Name for Existing Corporation $49*

Sole Proprietorship is the simplest and most inexpensive way to register a business in Ontario for one person.


Partnership is a simple and inexpensive form of business registration in Ontario for 2 or more persons.


An existing corporation must register a business name if it operates under the name different from its legal name.

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Order Ontario Sole Proprietorship Order Ontario General Partnership Order Business Name Registration for Existing Corporation

*Plus the government fee of $60.


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