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Business Name for Existing Corporation

Each corporation has a legal name, which is the name listed on the certificate of Incorporation. When a corporation starts new business activities, it may need another business name related to the new business activities.

For example, Alex Home Construction Inc. may decide to open a separate division, which offers web design services. It's quite difficult to offer such services under the name related to home construction.

Business Name

Registration fee - $49 + HST

Government fee - $60

In 0.5 to 3 business hours

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Incorporation of a new corporation for that new business area is not necessarily the best solution. Each separate legal entity requires additional time and expenses (tax registrations, tax returns, etc.).

The quick and inexpensive solution is registration of a business name, which reflects the business activities of that new corporate division. As a result, Alex Home Construction Inc. is able to register and use business name Alex Web Design.

Any corporation could register unlimited number of business names.


  • Quick and inexpensive registration

  • No additional expenses for accounting services and filing of additional tax returns

  • Ability to register a separate business name for each area of the corporate business.


  • Registration of a business name does not protect the name

  • Registration of each name must be renewed every 5 years.

Please note our company does not provide legal and tax advise. We recommend you to seek a professional advice from a lawyer, who is authorized to practice law in your province before ordering our company to file your information for registration of your business.


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