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Incorporation in British Columbia for Non-Residents

According to the Business Corporations Act of the Province of Business Columbia no Canadian resident is required to be appointed as a director. Therefore, non-Canadian residents are able to incorporate Canadian corporations in British Columbia.

If you would like to conduct you business through a highly prestigious and widely recognizable Canadian legal entity, buy property in Canada or are planning a business immigration to Canada, British Columbia corporation is an excellent choice.

BC Corporation for Non-Residents

Incorporation Fee - $1,990

In 2 to 3 Business Days

Order Ontario Sole Proprietorship

The following documents and services are included in the BC Corporation:

  • Name Search Report

  • Government incorporation fee

  • Registered office address in British Columbia for the first year

  • Certified Incorporation Application and Notice of Articles

  • Directors and Shareholders Organizational Resolutions

  • Minute Book with Registers & Ledgers

  • By-Laws

  • Courier delivery.

The package provides all required documents for opening a corporate bank account and starting of your business in Canada.

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada as a business immigrant, this package facilitates immigration to Canada considerably.

Our company supports all BC corporations incorporated for non-residents by providing registered office address, filing of annual return with the BC government, filing of changes of corporate information and accounting services.

Advantages of British Columbia Corporation

  • Highly prestigious Canadian legal entity

  • No restrictions on the residency of directors, officers and shareholders

  • Availability of one-man corporation, when one individual is a sole shareholder, director, president, secretary and treasure of the corporation

  • No requirements of a minimum authorized capital. Corporation is authorized to issue any number of common shares without par value

  • No restrictions on issued capital. Corporation is able to issue any number of shares for any consideration

  • No withholding tax on directors fees and salaries paid to non-resident directors, officers and employees, when they work outside of Canada

  • Corporation pays corporate income tax on net profit. All business expenses are deducted before taxes..

Common Use of British Columbia Corporation

  • For serving of customers located in Canada, US, EU and other highly regulated jurisdictions

  • For conducting business in all highly regulated jurisdictions, where business transactions with international companies are restricted or prohibited

  • For purchase of property in Canada

  • For purchase of businesses in Canada

  • For building of a credit history in Canada

  • For planning of business immigration to Canada.

Corporate Tax

Combined corporate income tax rate including federal and provincial components is 25%.

All business expenses including salaries paid to employees, directors fees paid to directors, payments to suppliers, advertisement expenses, office expenses etc. are deductible from corporate income before taxes.

Corporate Income Tax Return

Each Canadian corporation is required to file its corporate income tax return annually. The return must be filed in 6 months from the corporate fiscal year end. Income tax is payable in 2 months from the corporate fiscal year end. Corporations with zero taxable income or losses are not required to pay income tax, but they must file the corporate income tax return in time.

Our company offers accounting services. As a result, our clients are able to comply with Canadian requirements, file their corporate income tax returns and keep their Canadian companies in good standing.

Corporate Name

Each BC corporation must have a distinctive legal corporate name.

Corporate name of a named corporation should include a distinctive and descriptive parts. It must also include a legal element, such as "Limited", "Limitée", "Incorporated", "Incorporée" or "Corporation" or the abbreviation "Ltd.", "Ltée", "Inc." or "Corp.", respectively. Example: Alterspeed Consulting Limited.

BC corporate name may also be as a number. Name of a numbered corporation is created by adding "B.C. Ltd." after the incorporation number of the company, which is generated by the BC Registry Services.

The name of a corporation may be in English form, French forrm or both.

Restricted words are ones that may be considered to be misleading, and include, for example, "bank", "trust", "insurance", "stock exchange", "university", "academy" , etc.

Time Required for Incorporation

It usually takes 2 to 3 business days to incorporate a British Columbia company and 5 to 7 business days to prepare and certify corporate documents.


A minimum of one shareholder is required. Residents of any country individuals and legal entities may be shareholders of BC corporations.

Authorized And Issued Share Capital

We incorporate companies, which are authorized to issue unlimited number of common shares without par value.

Such share structure gives great flexibility. Corporate directors may issue any number of shares for any consideration. For example, corporate directors may issues 100,000 shares for the total amount of $100. Or they may decide to issue the same number of shares for the total amount of $100,000, or isue just one share for $0.01. It is totally up to the Board of Directors.

Directors and Officers

Director must be an individual, who is at least 18 years old, not found by a court to be incapable of managing the individual's own affairs, not in a status of an undischarged bankrupt and not convicted of an offence in connection with the promotion, formation or management of a corporation or unincorporated business, or of an offence involving fraud.

A resident of any country may be appointed as a director. A minimum of one director is required. No director, who is a resident of Canada is required.

Director may appoint officers and specify their duties. Any individual, including a director, may be appointed to any office position, including president, secretary and treasure. Requirements to individuals appointed as officers are the same as to directors. One individual may hold 2 or more positions.

Annual General Meeting

A general meeting of a company may be held outside of British Columbia, if the location is approved by a resolution of the shareholders.

If all of the shareholders, who are entitled to vote at an annual general meeting consent by a unanimous resolution to all of the business that is required to be transacted at that annual general meeting, the annual general meeting is deemed to have been held on the date selected in the unanimous resolution.

Registered Office Address

BC corporation must have a registered office and a records office in British Columbia. The registered office and the records office may be located at the same place.

Our incorporation fee includes registered office and a records office for one year. Our company forward to our clients copies of all letters received from the government.

We do not forward letters received from your banks, customers, suppliers and so on unless you order our mail forwarding services.

Annual Renewal Fee

The annual fee is payable from the second year.

The fee includes registered/records office address for one year, government fee and filing of the information return with the government.

The fee does not include preparation of corporate tax return. Client my order our company to prepare a corporate income tax return. To obtain a quotation, please contact our company.

Virtual Office Services

Our company scans letters received for your company and forward copies via email. We shred the originals unless you order to forward them to you via courier or registered mail for additional fees. If you expect more than 30 letters annually, please contact our company to receive a quotation.

If you need a dedicated Canadian phone line with voice mail greeting of your company, we are able to provide it to you. To get a quotation, please contact our company.

Virtual office services are available to our clients, who use our registered/records office address in British Columbia.


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