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Ontario Sole Proprietorship Order

Please order services. All fees include taxes.

1. Ontario Sole Proprietorship
$115.37 ($60 gov't fee + $49 our fee + HST) Click and read answer
2. Name Search

Canada-Wide Exact Match Name Pre-Search - $21.47

NUANS Report - $44.07

Click and read answer
3. HST Registration Service
$50.85. If ordered, please enter: Click and read answer

Expected annual gross sales:

First Director's SIN Number:

4. Payroll Account Registration
$50.85. If ordered, please enter: Click and read answer

Number of employees:

Estimated annual gross payroll :

5. Import/Export Account Registration
$50.85. If ordered, please enter: Click and read answer

Type of goods to be exported:

Estimated export annual value:

6. Business Seal

Embosser - $101.70

Convenient Seal - $90.40

Self-inking stamp - $90.40


Click and read answer
7. Total including HST

Please enter your information

1. Proposed Business Name *
Click and read answer
2. Business Activity *

Max of 40 characters

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3. Have you registered this name in the past 5 years *
Click and read answer
4. Business Address *


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Postal Code

5. Any Additional Information
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6. Source of Information about our Company
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7. Sole Proprietor Information

Name (First, Middle, Last) *

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Residential Address *

City *

Province *

Postal Code *

Country *

Phone *


Email *

I certify that the information provided is true and accurate and all individuals listed in this form are at least 18 years old, of sound mind (mentally competent), not in a status of bankrupt and have not been convicted in any criminal offence. I appoint A & P Intertrust Corporation as my agent and authorize A & P Intertrust Corporation to proceed with registration of my business on my behalf including but not limited to drafting of all required documents, filing them with the government, payment of required government fees, receiving documents from the government, etc. I understand and accept that submitting this form online and/or sending it via e-mail, fax or mail to A & P Intertrust Corporation I accept the Terms and Conditions and assume all responsibility for legitimate usage of all documents and information provided by A & P Intertrust Corporation.

YES, I accept the Terms and Conditions *

Signature (enter First and Last Name): *


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