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Bank Account in Belize - Save $100

Our company offers introduction services for opening corporate and personal bank accounts with Caye International Bank.

This offer is valid until September 28, 2019.

Belize Bank Account Package - $1,590 $1,490

The package includes Belize international company, corporate seal, set of corporate documents for the bank and bank introduction services for opening a bank account in Belize. The package gives exceptional level of privacy based on Belize international legislation and bank secrecy law.

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About the Bank

The bank was licenced by the Central Bank of Belize in September 2003.

Currently the bank has liquidity about twice the Belize legal minimum, which ensures financial stability of the bank.

Required Corporate Documents

All required corporate documents are prepared and submitted to the bank by our Belize agent.

Required Personal Documents

The bank requires the following personal documents from each beneficial owners and authorized signatories:

  • A notarized copy of the valid passport (pages containing photo, signature and personal details)

  • Reference from a bank or professional (lawyer or accountant), who knows the person a minimum of 2 years.

  • Proof of residential address (copy of utility bill with individual’s name and residential address).

Personal Visit

Our clients, who use the bank introduction services are not required to visit the bank in person.

Our company collects scanned copies of all required documents from clients and send them to the bank for initial review and pre-approval. When client's application is pre-approved, we ask the client to send his personal documents and completed and signed bank forms to the bank. Our company monitors the account opening process and helps clients to go through the application process worry free.

Initial Deposit

The minimum amount required for the establishment of a current account is US$1,000. When the application is approved, the bank send account details to the clients.

The bank requires to pay initial deposit within 30 days of opening a bank account. Upon receiving the initial deposit the bank makes the account active and ready for business.

Minimum Balance

A minimum balance of US$1,000 is required.

Online Banking

The bank offers advanced online banking including:

  • Access to account balances and account transactions

  • Transfer money between accounts in the same bank, including transfers from bank accounts to debit MasterCard accounts.

Please note sending of international wire transfer payments is not possible online. Wires requests are done by filling a form and sending it to the bank via email.

Debit and Credit Cards

The bank does not offer debit and credit cards at the present time. If you would like to have a card, please contact our office and we would offer you different options.

Time Required

The bank usually verifies corporate and personal documents and make its decision on the application in 4 to 6 weeks. This time could be more if the bank is not satisfied with information provided and requests additional documents and/or information.


The bank opens accounts in USD, EUR, CAD and GBP.


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