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International Company Formation

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Formation of a company offshore may be a quite difficult task. There is a lot of orders available on the Internet. However, how you would verify those numerous companies to make sure that your business are served by a legitimate and trusted company.

These offers are valid until January 5, 2019.


BVI BC $1,350

Incorporation in 1 to 2 days.

Annual fee is $970.

Nominees available.

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Belize IBC $950 $650

Time and cost effective offshore solution. Get incorporated in 1 day.

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Nevis LLC $1,000 $900

We also offer IBCs.

Set up takes 1 to 2 days.

Annual fee is $800.

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Panama IBC $1,100 $900

Registration takes 1 day.

Annual fee is $800.

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A & P Intertrust Corporation is a highly reputable and well known in the offshore industry professional company, which has over 8000 clients located in over 50 countries.We offers offshore company formation services in the world's most popular offshore jurisdictions BVI, Belize, Nevis and Panama.

We also offer bank introduction services, which allow our clients open corporate bank accounts with banks located in St. Vincent, UK, Singapore, Cyprus, Seychelles, Latvia, Belize and Nevis.

All services are available online. You could also place your orders over the fax, phone, mail or in person.

Our company applies simplified document requirements and accepts different methods of payment convenient for our clients.

The six main reasons why clients set up offshore structures:

  • Asset Protection

  • Income tax reduction

  • Escaping burdensome government regulations

  • Estate tax reduction or elimination

  • Increased level of privacy

  • Investment opportunities not available at home.

More information why go offshore.


A & P Intertrust Corporation is Member of the Better Business Bureau.
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