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Offshore Personal Account

Our company assist clients with opening offshore personal bank accounts in Latvia, Belize, Nevis, Seychelles and Cyprus.

Offshore Personal Bank Account - $850

Personal accounts are usually opened in 1 to 2 weeks.

Order Ontario Sole Proprietorship

Our services considerably facilitate account opening process for our clients. If our client is able to provide all required personal documents, his application is always accepted.

When you order our services, we collect your required personal documents, assist you with preparation of bank application, check your application forms, correct them, submit your application to the bank of your choice and get your application pre-approved by the bank.

You just need to courier your paper documents to the the bank at our request and get your account opened with a debit card connected to your account.

We are absolutely confident that your application will be accepted under the condition that you comply with all our requirements. Our company will fully REFUND your payment if for any reason your application is declined.


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