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Our company offers formation of Limited Liability Companies in Nevis. We consider this legal entity very suitable for asset protection and tax planning.

Advantages of a Nevis LLC

  • Inexpensive annual support

  • No requirement for a minimum paid up capital

  • Information about corporate managers, members and beneficial owners is not filed with the Nevis Registrar of Companies and not available to the public

  • Any individual and legal entity may become a member and manager

  • No foreign exchange control

Information about Nevis LLC’s

Nevis LLC is formed under the Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance 1995. The document is based on the corporate legislation of the US State of Delaware.

LLC name must contain the words “Limited Liability Company” or the abbreviations “L.L.C.”, “L.C.”, “LLC” or “LC”.

LLC name must be different than an existing company already registered with the Registrar of Companies.

The registered office address must be located in Nevis. Each company must also have a local registered agent authorized by the Nevis government to represent the company.

Principal office address (business address) may be in any country.

Our Nevis LLC formation fee includes Nevis registered office address and registered agent for the first year.

A minimum of one member is required. Residents of any country, individuals and legal entities may become members of a Nevis LLC.

If you need a nominee member , our company provides such services.

Management of an LLC can be governed by its member(s) or elected by manager(s). If the Articles of Organization states that management of the limited liability company is vested in a manager or managers, a minimum one manager is required.

Managers do not need to be members of the limited liability company.

Residents of any country, individuals and legal entities may become managers of a Nevis LLC.

Managers may be designated and removed by the consent of a majority of the members.

Each Nevis LLC must pay the annual renewal fee starting from the second year. Our annual renewal fees are listed in the Fee Schedule.

Total confidentiality and anonymity. No requirements to disclose beneficial owners, members and managers.

The Articles of Organization is the only document filed with the Nevis Registrar of Companies. This documents does not include any information about beneficial owners, members and managers. It only lists the name of the Nevis registered agent and registered office address.

Our company offers Nominee services , as an extra layer of privacy protection.

There are no statutory requirements of accounting and audit for a Nevis LLC. It’s totally up to the members and managers, what kind of records they would like to keep.

Annual meetings are not required.

We form Nevis limited liability companies in 2 to 4 business days. Preparation of all internal documents takes an additional 2 to 4 business days.

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