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BVI Business Company

BVI IBC Package includes BVI international company, Apostille, corporate seal and opening a bank account with one of the banks located in Cyprus, Singapore, Seychelles, UK, Latvia, Belize and Nevis.

Our professional company offers Business Companies (BC) incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) under the British Virgin Islands Business Companies Act 2004 (the BVI BC Act).

BVI BC - $1,350

The most popular international company.

Nominee services.

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Advantages of BVI

BVI is the most popular international jurisdiction due to the following reasons:

  • Exemption from all local taxes for BVI Business Companies conducting business outside of the BVI

  • Well developed financial services industry

  • Common law legal system based on English law

  • Well developed professional infrastructure

  • Excellent telecommunications system

  • Easy air access to North America and Europe

  • No foreign exchange restrictions.


BVI companies and all amounts paid by them to non-residents are exempt from all local taxes and stamp duty. Upon the sale or transfer of shares of a BVI BC to a third person, capital gains tax is not payable under the BVI law.

BVI companies are not required to file tax returns or any other type of report or declaration to the BVI government regarding foreign-source income.


The official currency is the United States Dollar.

Transfer of Funds

There are no currency exchange and transfer of funds controls in BVI, no approval need be obtained for the transfer of dividends, interest, royalties other profits or for repatriation of capital. Companies are permitted to repatriate all profits, dividends and management charges.

Political System

The British Virgin Islands is a self-governing, politically stable British Crown Colony with a self-legislative assembly and has become an important centre for international business activities.

Legal System

The legal system is based on the English Common Law.

Geographic Location

The British Virgin Islands are a group of about 50 islands situated in the Eastern Caribbean 60 miles east of Puerto Rico and 180 miles north of Antigua. Road Town on the main island of Tortola is the capital. Local time: GMT - 5:00.

Official Language

English is the official language of BVI.

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