Re-domicile to Belize

Redomicile to Belize
EU ‘White List’ Status

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Our company receives a lot of requests to redomicile non-Belize companies of our clients to Belize. Here are some reasons why you should consider redomiciling your company to Belize:

Belize has reformed its corporate legislation. It addressed concerns of EU regarding economic substance, removed preferential exemptions and implemented measures related to automatic exchange of information.
Therefore, EU recognizes Belize a jurisdictions that meets EU tax good governance principles. Most importantly, EU includes Belize in its “White List”.

If you have a company registered in any other jurisdiction and would like to enjoy by business and tax friendly Belize jurisdiction, our company is able to transfer your company to Belize in 2 business days under the condition that you provide all required documents.

Our company does not charge any fees on top of the Belize government fee.

We will also assist your company with obtaining Belize Tax Identification Number (TIN).

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Information about Re-Domiciling your IBC to Belize

Registered office address must be located in Belize. Principal office address (business address) may be in any country.

Each company has to have a local registered agent authorized by the Belize government.

The registered agent and office fees are only US$640

Each Belize IBC must pay the annual renewal fee starting from the second year. Our annual fees are listed in the Fee Schedule.

  • Original Articles of Continuation – our company will provide the draft
  • Notarized or Certified Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Notarized or Certified Copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Original Certificate of Good Standing

Re-domicilation usually take 2-3 business days once all documents are in order. You will be required to courier original required documents to initiate the process at the registry.